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Textile Engineering
Cutting edge machinery products and solutions for every textile process
Flow Technology
Flow Technology
Efficient pumping products and solutions for wide ranging applications
Unique, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly solutions for space and process cooling
Internet of Things for Industry
Internet of Things for Industry
Unlocking intelligence of things
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Concentrated ​solar ​thermal energy solutions for industrial process heating
Wastewater Treatment
Comprehensive range of wastewater treatment and recycling solutions for various industries
Print & Packaging
Print & Packaging
Equipment and accessories for gravure, flexographic, web offset, and sheet-fed offset printing
Value Enhancing Systems
Systems for enhancing quality, safety, productivity, and saving energy


Company Profile

At A.T.E., we breathe technology. We produce and promote technologies that make your business more efficient and responsible. With innovation in our heart and soul, our products and services serve a wide range of strategic business areas that enhance your value chain. We started out with solutions for textile engineering and expanded to cooling, wastewater, energy efficiency, machine-to-machine, flow technology, print and packaging, and value enhancing systems.

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Our Technologies

We are a value driven, world class group that aims to spearhead innovative and sustainable solutions for a brighter tomorrow. Following through on this mission, A.T.E. has developed 5 core technologies – textile spinning, M2M, wastewater treatment, heat exchange, and static and ink control. These core technologies have been developed through our domain expertise, assimilation of customer insights, research and development, as well as our commitment to addresses customers’ business and technology demands sustainably.

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History & Milestones

A.T.E was established in 1939 as a part of India’s freedom movement, and has since transformed into a multifaceted engineering group, offering world-class products and solutions spanning several industries. A.T.E.’s businesses encompass manufacturing, industrial sales, distribution and service, and has also gained expertise in handling turnkey projects.

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A.T.E. is connected across India and throughout the world; we have an extensive sales and service network with regional offices in all metros across India, as well as an excellent agent network around the world. A.T.E. has also established a subsidiary - A.T.E. Technologies (Bangladesh) Private Limited, Dhaka – to take care of its operations in Bangladesh.

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A.T.E is proud to serve some of the leading companies in the world. With a base of over 4000 customers, our portfolio encompasses almost every industrial segment. Be it textile engineering, cooling solutions, Machine-to-Machine solutions, or any other business that we are in, we assist our customers from project conceptualization through project implementation.

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  • Company Profile
    Company Profile
  • Our Technologies
    Our Technologies
  • History & Milestones
    History & Milestones
  • Network
  • Customers
Customer Testimonials
S V Devarajan
S V DevarajanManaging Director, Southern Cot Spinners Coimbatore (P) Ltd.
A.T.E. has always provided the best technology to the Indian textile industry. A.T.E. has helped us throughout the project stage and even now it is closely monitoring the machines through frequent visits and updating us with the latest technical information.
Sharad Nagre
Sharad NagreManager Facilites, Matrix Services
A.T.E.'s hydro-pneumatic system is a great product. We have been using this product for past 4 years and the experience has been great. The best feature is, it runs smoothly and ensures constant water flow and pressure at every outlet of our multistoried building and so far I would consider it to be the best product.
S C Vijayavelu
S C VijayaveluExecutive Director, Muthur Murugan Mills Ltd.
After the sales responsibility was taken over by A.T.E., we could see a huge difference in the way of approach and process which is highly appreciable. We are highly satisfied with their regular follow-up and their updates to us as and when required.
Mr Pranav Bhalera
Mr Pranav BhaleraDirector, Balaji Multiflex Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot, India
Increasing shop-floor temperatures, solvent evaporation rate and employee comfort were our foremost challenges. HMX Ambiator helped us to address these problems...because of reduced temperature, we have removed chill roller and still are able to run the machine at high web speeds. The evaporation losses of ethyl based solvents have also reduced. HMX’s executive explained all the product details in advance. All of my expectations are met by HMX Ambiator, and I am satisfied with the product performance.
Sumer Lodha
Sumer LodhaDirector, Uma Converters
We were eagerly looking for some kind of comprehensive solution. The HMX Ambiator helped us to address multiple problems with a single solution. Conducive environment has given improved printing precision and working environment. Solvent consumption has reduced by 10-15% which has benefitted the environment. Better employee satisfaction has resulted in better productivity. We are proud to use this eco-friendly solution and I thank HMX for bringing out such a good product.
Mehul Shah
Mehul ShahProduction Director - Ashut Engineers Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya.
Energy and operational efficiency improvements were our immediate business goals. We decided to go for EcoAxis’ solution digitising our complete plant floor with access to analytics on anytime anywhere basis...we have achieved close to 15% energy efficiency...we are confident to achieve a further 10% improvement on energy costs in the current year...and are confident that we would be able to drive up to 10% OEE improvements at the factory level.
Anil Jami
Anil JamiVP-Operation - Uttam Energy
We chose EcoAxis for its technological superiority, domain knowledge and experience RPMS (Remote performance monitoring system) which make it a leader in the segment. EcoAxis’ team has phenomenal ability to understand our needs and translate them into a reliable solution. We have already considered EcoAxis for 6 overseas projects and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.
Dileep Kate
Dileep KateSenior Manager, Promethean Spenta Technologies Private Limited
Our belief has further strengthened in A.T.E. after attending the seminar and hearing about its association with the biggest brands (Sulzer, Yamada, Ebara, Iwaki, and Walchem) in the pumps industry. Its strong focus on customer service makes us not to look at A.T.E. merely as a representative of these companies, but as an owner of these brands. We have included A.T.E. as an exclusive supplier of pumps for our company.
Dhananjay Sinnarkar
Dhananjay SinnarkarFounder, Infinity HVAC Systems
HMX’s patented IDEC technology is unique and stands out in comparison to other IEC heat exchangers present in the market. IDEC technology delivers 4ºC more cooling and adds 60% less moisture than DEC. We have provided these systems to various customers such as Forbes Marshall, Pune; Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Nasik; and Tredegar, Pune to name a few.
Manikam Ramaswami
Manikam RamaswamiChairman cum MD, Loyal Textile Mills Limited
A.T.E. is the preferred supplier of textile machinery to the Loyal Group across the value chain. A.T.E.’s professional service, trust, fairness in its dealings both with customers and principals, together with its uncanny ability to spot the right technology and manufacturer of those equipment have all helped A.T.E. retain its leadership over seven and a half decades.
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