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IOT Solution for Textile Industry

Our IoT solutions help you achieve excellence in your textile manufacturing through integrated dashboards & analytics for your processes, machines, and people across all units, plants, and enterprise levels. A.T.E. group’s years of experience and expertise in textile processes and systems, combined with our competence in data acquisition, algorithms, and big data analytics, offer end to end solutions from consultation to deployment, training, and support. This enables you in enhancing productivity, improving quality, and reducing costs across your enterprise. We provide invaluable, practical insights for your textile manufacturing units.

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What We Deliver

Standard features: Track production, up time, availability, efficiency and benchmarking of machine, units, and plants

Spinning Machines


  • Sliver breaks & mending time analysis
  • Specific energy analysis
  •  Doff analysis
  • Breakdown analysis
Weaving Machines


  • Weft & warp break analysis
  • Water, air & energy consumption analysis
  • Loom & style analytics
  • Breakdown analysis
Textile Processing

Textile Processing

  • Batch/equipment benchmarking
  • Batch­wise energy, utility & chemical consumption analytics
  • Batch set parameters vs actual set parameters report
  • Batch­wise stoppage analytics
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