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The MX series of magnetic drive pumps are robustly designed and can withstand difficult operating conditions while maintaining high operational efficiency.



(Magnetic drive pumps)

When fitted with a carbon bearing the Iwaki MX will can be run dry for a short duration. The self-radiating structure of this pump and front and rear supported spindles greatly improve the pumps' ability to withstand some cavitation and running against a closed discharge valve. Iwaki's MX series of pumps are highly recommended for use in various production processes such as filtering, spraying, washing and etching in surface treatment processes.
Manufactured by: Iwaki Co. Ltd., Japan

      Technical Details 
  • Motor range: 0.15-4 kW
  • Head range: 5-35 m
  • Material of construction: front casing - GFRPP; rear casing - GFRPP; impeller - GFRPP; magnet capsule - PP
  • Flow range: 50-500 l/min
  •   Applications 
  • Used in various processes such as filtering, spraying, washing, etching in PCB manufacturing, and surface treatment
  •   Key Features 
  • Self-radiating structure prevents thermal deformation and melting
  • Non-contact structure reduces heat generation and secures lubricants routes
  • Volute casing divided into two section raises overall efficiency
  • Simple and robust construction; can withstand difficult operating condition
  • Improved mechanical strength design allows operation under abnormal conditions
  • Reduction of running and maintenance costs

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