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W100W, W100P

W100W, W100P

(For economical and reliable water treatment system control)

The W100W series of controllers offer a high level of flexibility in controlling water treatment applications.Three powerful control outputs make the Walchem W100W a more versatile, high value choice among entry level water treatment controllers.
Manufactured by: Walchem Corporation, USA

      Technical Details 
  • 0.01 Cell Contacting Conductivity: 0-300 μS/cm
  • 0.1 Cell Contacting Conductivity: 0-3,000 μS/cm
  • 1.0 Cell Contacting Conductivity: 0-30,000 μS/cm
  • 10.0 Cell Contacting Conductivity: 0-300,000 μS/cm
  • pH : -2 to 16
  • ORP: -1500 to 1500 mV
  • Disinfection sensors -2000 to 1500 mV / 0 - 2 ppm to 0 - 20,000 ppm
  • Electrodeless Conductivity : 500 to 2,000,000 uS/cm
  • Material of construction: Polycarbonate/NEMA 4X; display - 64 x 128 graphic backlit display
  •   Applications 
  • Cooling tower/boiler
  • Food and beverage
  • Irrigation and fertigation
  • Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment
  • Metal finishing
  • Pulp and paper
  • Swimming pools and spas
  • RO systems
  •   Key Features 
  • Large display with icon based programming makes setup easy
  • Universal sensor input provides extraordinary flexibility; the same controller can be used with almost any type of sensor needed
  • Three control outputs allow the controller to be used in more places than other entry level models
  • Immune to electrical interferences
  • Complete flexibility in the function of each relay:
  • On/Off setpoint
  • Time proportional control
  • Pulse proportional control (when purchased with solid-state rel ays)
  • In-range or out-of-range activation
  • Probe wash timer
  • Timer-based activation
  • Activation based up on the state of a contact closure
  • Timed activation triggered by a water contactor or paddlewheel flow metre’s accumulated total flow
  • Activate with another output
  • Alarm

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