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Dürr Ecopure RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers help eliminate fuel costs for utilities (hot water, steam, thermic fluid, hot air) through heat recovery. Ecopure RTO systems are ideal for treating exhaust air streams with pollutant concentrations of up to approximately 10 g/Nm3 in the chemical, pharmaceutical, printing, and paint finishing and coating industries.


Ecopure RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser

Ecopure RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser

Dürr Ecopure Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers consist of regeneration heat exchanger towers, combustion chamber and asociated burner system as well as a duct system for direction of air streams. All necessary valves and fans are included. Each regeneration tower is packed with ceramic heat exchange material and clad with a layer of insulation suitable for the high reaction temperatures involved. The combustion chamber, which links the individual regeneration towers are clad with fibre insulation.
Manufactured by: Dürr India Private Limited

      Key Features 
  • Insusceptible to fluctuations in terms of pollutant concentration and type
  • Low primary energy input, auto thermal from approximately 1.5 g solvent/Nm3
  • Additional external heat recovery possible
  • Suitable for treating exhaust air streams with pollutant concentrations of up to 10 g/Nm3
  • Different concepts permit universal use
  • Low operating costs
  • Helps reduce fuel costs for utilities (i.e. steam, hot water/air, thermic fluid) through heat recovery
  • Highly efficient heat recovery
  • Low primary energy input

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