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Sulzer submersible pumps and mixers and grinder pumps for drainage, sewage and wastewater applications
Ebara centrifugal pumps, end suction pumps, open impeller pumps, vertical and horizontal multistage pumps
Spare parts for Sulzer, Yamada, Ebara, and Iwaki pumps


Reliable, inexpensive, and high quality O-rings that are simple to mount


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High quality impellers, available in a variety of designs and MoCs, to suit your particular pump. We supply spare impellers for Sulzer ABS and Iwaki pumps

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Shaft seals

Used for a wide variety of flow applications, shaft seals are vital to ensuring operational reliability and extending the service life of pumps

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Repair kits

We provide a complete line of repair kits to keep your pump operating at peak efficiency and to maximise its lifespan

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