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Manufactured by Matthys Group, the carpet confection lines are fully automatic, high performance machinery that reduce operational costs and deliver unsurpassed performance and product quality. Ideal for carpets, bathmats, rugs, and blankets.


Carpet Confection Line

Carpet Confection Line

Carpet confection machinery by Matthys Group is customised for various manufacturing requirements. These can be broadly categorised into long side cutting (slitter), cross-cutting machine, over edging, and rolling units.
Manufactured by: Matthys Group, Belgium

      Technical Details 
  • Application range: for carpets, bathmats, rugs and blankets
  •   Key Features 
  • The long side cutting machine is equipped with 5 individually controlled cutter heads
  • Long side over edging machine usable width is 4.2 m or 2.8 m
  • Cross cutting machine is also available in combination with Titan Robot DK4600 and fully automatic label applicator
  • Over edging heads are interchangeable on the same line
  • Rolls are rolled with high flexibility and are perfectly straight
  • The machine detects automatically the gap between 2 rug lanes
  • Camera detection can be used
  • Fully automatic positioning of the two sewing units on long side over edging machine
  • Less labour expenses in case of cross cutting machine
  • Over edging heads are on removable slide for easy repair or maintenance

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