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TeraSpin introduces spindle with Smart Yarn Catcher – the ultimate solution to eliminate residual yarn

For many years, the spinning industry in India has been grappling with a major issue of accumulation of residual yarn on a ring frame spindle at the end of each doff. The accumulated residual yarn needs to be cleaned manually at regular intervals, which takes many man-hours. It also increases the machine down-time, reduces productivity and efficiency of the ring frame and increases the yarn waste.

So far spindles on ring frames with auto doffers were equipped with cutter and knurling or seal-band (Velcro). These spindles do not grip the yarn positively at the end of each doff. The only way to hold the yarn on these spindles so that winding of yarn on bobbin can start automatically during next doff is to have at least 2-3 rounds of yarn wound on knurling or seal-band (Velcro). This causes pile-up of residual yarn on spindle at the end of each doff which ultimately builds-up a thick bunch of residual yarn on spindles over a period of time, which one has to clean at regular interval that takes many man-hours.

Spinning mills can now heave a sigh of relief. TeraSpin, which has always been in the forefront of bringing in the innovative technologies, has now developed and introduced a unique solution –Smart Yarn Catcher that is an ultimate solution to eliminate the residual yarn on the fly – no manual cleaning work, no production loss and no material wastage!

The TeraSpin Smart Yarn Catcher is self-cleaning. The residual yarn left behind after every doff is expelled by centrifugal forces – putting an end to a major pain area in the operation of ring frames. TeraSpin-Smart-Yarn-Catcher-spindle

Salient features of TeraSpin Smart Yarn Catcher:
1. Automatic opening & closing of clamping faces with change in spindle speed
a. Clamping faces open at 9500 rpm
b. Clamping faces close at 3000 rpm
2. Firm grip of yarn between upper & lower clamping faces which can align precisely with each other due to special springs
3. Nylon cutter for yarn cutting

Benefits of TeraSpin Smart Yarn Catcher: 
1. Minimum yarn used for clamping
2. No accumulation of residual yarn – the flat annular clamping faces enable the clamped yarn to move out of device easily by centrifugal forces
3. No cleaning of residual yarn – less labour hours
4. Reduced start-up breaks
5. Improved ring frame productivity
6. Very long service life

No more residual yarn accumulation • No more cleaning required • Savings in labour hours • Better machine utilisation • Better ring frame productivity

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